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Der Bauphysik-Geheimdienst sucht diesen Mann

Hier ist es dem Sachverständigen B. Bonso gelungen, eine zufällige Aufnahme zu schießen, als der Gesuchte gerade heimlich im Infrarotbereich des geheimen Testlabors in B. herumgeisterte. Weiterlesen …


Seismic and energy renovation (Conclusion)

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„The tests carried out on FRP reinforced masonry walls showed a three-fold increase of the maximum diagonal compression load determining the breakage of the reinforced wall specimen, compared to the unreinforced one. Therefore, the results of the study lead to the conclusion that such a technique is particularly suitable for the purposes of increasing peak strength in masonry structures, as well as improving stress-strain responses, thanks to the increase in equivalent tensile stress. These results represent a step forward in understanding the potential of FPR meshes as they had not yet been tested on lava stone masonry, and can therefore be added to literature on experiments carried out on other type of structures. The tests carried out on the ceramic coating Weiterlesen …

Seismic and energy renovation (Abstract)

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IR reflektierende Beschichtung

„The proposed paper presents a possible design approach to historical building renovation. It is based on two innovative building techniques, particularly suitable for this purpose. The first one is related to masonry structural reinforcement. It consists in a particular Fiber Reinforced Polymers (FRP) wire mesh. This structural system has been recently introduced and offers several advantages when compared to traditional structural steel wire meshes. The second technology is a thermo-ceramic coating which provides an improvement in indoor comfort. It offers several advantages over traditional building insulation technologies.  Weiterlesen …

Solar Reflection, TSR, SRI: cool roofs, energy savings, building protection, samples from Malaysia

Einer der ersten deutschen Energieausweise auf Französisch

Le niveau de la consommation théorique, c’est-à-dire selon les valeurs classiques de la conductivité thermique, est à 28 % supérieur au niveau de la consommation réelle. Ce résultat est dû au revêtement extérieur Thermoshield.
Le calcul de comparaison démontre, qu’on pouvait éventuellement atteindre le même niveau de la consommation énergétique avec l’isolant thermique WLG 040 (λ =0,04 W/m²K), en 4cm d’épaisseur. En conclusion, on peut en déduire, que la peinture Thermoshield Exterieur remplace l’isolant thermique de 4cm. Weiterlesen …

Teoria Wartosci U

La teoria del valore U

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