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Ceramic insulating paint: energy savings and better amenity

In this research, ceramic insulating paint was applied to the interior walls of a test room (the paint contains many small ceramic particles and, through its insulative effects, is thought to increase energy efficiency). From this investigation, it was found that the ceramic insulating paint was effective in maintaining a high temperature near the floor during heating (and for an extended time after heating) without forced convection. The amenity of the test room was also evaluated.

6th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (AHFE 2015) and the Affiliated Conferences, AHFE 2015 – Measurement of amenity in buildings interiors coated with ceramic insulating paint – Takashi Oda, Takahisa Nakai, Keisuke Toba, Huang Jianbo

Der Bauphysik-Geheimdienst sucht diesen Mann

Hier ist es dem Sachverständigen B. Bonso gelungen, eine zufällige Aufnahme zu schießen, als der Gesuchte gerade heimlich im Infrarotbereich des geheimen Testlabors in B. herumgeisterte. Weiterlesen …

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