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Seismic and energy renovation (Conclusion)

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„The tests carried out on FRP reinforced masonry walls showed a three-fold increase of the maximum diagonal compression load determining the breakage of the reinforced wall specimen, compared to the unreinforced one. Therefore, the results of the study lead to the conclusion that such a technique is particularly suitable for the purposes of increasing peak strength in masonry structures, as well as improving stress-strain responses, thanks to the increase in equivalent tensile stress. These results represent a step forward in understanding the potential of FPR meshes as they had not yet been tested on lava stone masonry, and can therefore be added to literature on experiments carried out on other type of structures. The tests carried out on the ceramic coating showed that the average indoor temperature in treated units was 2°C lower than in other ones. From those results, it is possible to deduce that the application of this technology provides an improvement in indoor comfort and, consequently, a reduction in energy consumption.
The use of both technologies may lead to a reduction in energy consumption and to seismic retrofitting of existing architecture. The combination of the two technologies is a strategic approach to upgrading historic buildings. In fact, FRP offer a series of advantages, as compared to other possible solutions. On the other hand, as far as ceramic coating is concerned, it is possible to take advantage of its low thickness.“

Seismic and energy renovation: an innovative approach to historic preservation
Caliò I., Cascone S., Distefano D., Gagliano A., Perrica G., Rodonò G., Sapienza V.
University of Catania, Tecnova Group
(C) 2018 The Authors. Published by EdicomEdizioni.
Selection and peer-review under responsibility of SER4SC2018 Scientific Committee.
Keywords: FRP net; thermos-ceramic paint; experimental test.

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