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Solar Reflection, TSR, SRI: cool roofs, energy savings, building protection, samples from Malaysia

A common metal roof in Malaysia, 2018. It was coated with Climate Active Paint:
made in Germany, applied in Malaysis, unbelieveable benefits.
In this sample you see: reduction of the surface temperature by 18,5 degrees.
So you can imagine, that it will become colder on the factory floor.
What is the reason? Climate Active Paint has an TSR > 0.9 and a SRI = 111,
multiple tested in labs and in practice. There is a documentation of
empirical and scientific resaearch, it’s called
„The Climate Active Paint Compendium “Reflection”“
(CAP Reflection Compendium). 36 pages of science and economic energy savings,
in several hot climates. Following you see a cutout, a view back to 2012:

It is unbelieveable: the pics below show the temeperature measurement
of the underside of the coated metal warehouse roof. You read right: it’s a reduction
about 20 degrees. Inside. And now think about the energy savings for air condition.


Product: Climate Active Paint (available not only in Malaysia)

At least: that’s the state of the art. I have a message to the experts and to the „experts“
in the whole world: you must not search, you must not try to invent the wheel new.
Buy and try – nothing is so honest as the practice is.

You can see a lot of reports at TL Terang Facebook.

Terms: TSR = Total Solar Reflectance, SRI = Solar Reflectance Index
(more information you find here: Cool Roof Programme od DoE, USA)


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